In The Now Interviews Ryche Green

In The Now Interviews Ryche Green

In The Now magazine sat down with Modern Superstar drummer Ryche Green to talk about the new band, new single and all things Modern Superstar.

ITN Magazine: Tell us about the history of the band. More specifically, when was the band formed, how did you meet, and have there been any particular highlights or low points inRyche Green your career, any crucial events that have taken you where you are today?

Ryche: The band was formed around mid-2010.  The guitarist I have known since the age of 9 or so and the vocalist I had spent some time on the road with while in Bulletboys. He was singing for Britny Fox at the time. Some highlights to me maybe not so much to others were that we had our first record deal before the band was formed; another huge highlight was performing on the main stage at the M3 Festival. The song Devil’s Playground from our debut release was chosen for Reality TV and we performed on CMT “All Jack’d Up”.

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