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Rob Loiacano of All Music All Bands Talks With Billy Morris

Former Warrant guitarist and current Tuff guitarist Billy Morris is stepping out on his own with his first solo effort via HighVolMusic. Media outlet All Music All Bands secured the very first interview with Billy regarding his new album and more!

Billy Morris

AMAB: You’re currently playing with a popular cover band, Sunset Strip in Cleveland, Ohio. What inspired yourself to form this project?

Billy Morris: Well I’ll tell you what I love is playing music and make my living at it. So I out this band together, the guy that came up with the name was Stevie Rachelle for TUFF. He said “man that would be a great cover name, Sunset Strip.” Which is right because we play all the music from the Sunset Strip. Alot of Warrant, Poison, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Ratt, Dokken as well as the other stuff like Bon Jovi. Anything good from the 80’s. It’s not all Hair Rock, but it’s Rick Springfield, Bryan Adams, Loverboy, Eddie Money, just to get on stage and have a great time. So I’m inspired to do this project and a way to pay my bills and being able to play live music. That’s what’s that’s all about. We play every Friday and Saturday and we do pretty good.

Read the full interview here.

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