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AntiHero’s Mark Dean interviews Ron Keel the multi-million-selling singer/musician/songwriter/performer who has toured with and/or opened for icons like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Aerosmith and many more. His catalog includes three albums which charted in Billboard’s Hot 100, plus movie soundtracks, guest Ron Keelappearances, all-star tributes to raise money for various charities, and the acclaimed brand-new release, “South x South Dakota” on HighVol Music.

ANTIHERO: I just wondered with the current situation in the world as it stands today, how are you spending your time? How are you getting through the days?

Ron Keel: Man, I’m working as hard as I ever have, just doing what I do. With the day to day business, interviews, promoting the new album, South By South Dakota. Writing songs, hosting my radio show, entertaining my fans online at I’m actually as busy as I’ve ever been. This was a time when we expected to be home from the road anyway, so it’s pedal to the metal, so to speak. We are in full force promoting the new record and getting to talk to guys like you.

ANTIHERO: You mentioned you have a new record. It’s essentially a covers album. I just wondered how you came about choosing the tracks. Did you find the song selection relatively easy? Did certain tracks pick themselves?

Ron Keel: Well, it is an album of iconic Southern rock classics. One from each of those legendary bands, like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Outlaws, Marshall Tucker Band, .38 Special. I didn’t really choose the songs, they chose me. I grew up listening to this stuff. This is home for me. This is my musical landscape. And when we were in the studio recording last year’s album, Fight Like A Band, we would warm up in the morning by jamming on some of these classic Southern rock covers. And of course, my producer, Mike Dresch, was recording those jams. When I listen back to what we had, it was totally organic and by accident. Just a bunch of guys in the studio having fun. But I heard it back and I thought, man, we’ve got the foundation of something really special here. How about if we add a few songs and then throw in a couple of previous singles, “Ghost Riders In The Sky,” and “Homesick,” and then we’ve got the foundation for a really great album that we can pay tribute to some of the music that we know and love a grew up listening to, and some of the songs that we always include in our show.

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You can watch the new video ‘Red, White & Blue’ from the Ron Keel Band below:


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