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Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road

There are few bands these days that you feel could fit on any bill but I reckon Asphalt Valentine would please lovers of 80’s rock to the modern day, it’s such a chameleon-like sound. Go out and grab this – you wont be disappointed. - Mark Diggins, Rockpit

Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road
Mark DigginsRockpit

"Twisted Road turns out to be a pure bomb! If you are desperately looking for the right Mötley Crüe, AC / DC or Aerosmith vibe, see Bon Jovi for the commercial side, Asphalt Valentine is the ultimate answer to all your expectations. 4.5/5.0"

Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road
Metal ArtMetal Art

“Twisted Road has become a strong rock album, which is ideal for the next long drive or just for chilling out. Fans of bands like Black Stone Cherry or Junkyard Drive are warmly recommended to this disc."

Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road
Klaus SaalfeldHellfire Magazine

"The result was 10 rock tracks that can be heard quite well. The album is not particularly hard now, but you could call it classic rock. "

Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road
Music GhoulsMusic Ghouls

"Get hold of the album in the way that you like the most, but do not miss it, it is worth it! A a fantastic surprise for this year."

Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road
Tino LanzaRock Angels

"Strong and modern sound, with gripping riffs." 7.5/10 Fernando Ferreira

Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road
Fernando FerreiraWorld of Metal Mag

"Open a beer, sit comfortably on the sofa after a successful day - then the album will come best. Incidentally, the cover is pleasantly different, original, and screams for a large LP format."

Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road
Bleeding For MetalBleeding For Metal

"Without a doubt, the album “Twisted Road” has been worth the wait from the start of the writing till the release of the album. Hard Rock music which has been a pleasure to listen to. The songs on the album have been easy to listen to & pleasurable. 8/10"













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