Every Mother's Nightmare

American rock band (EMN) EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE hails from Memphis, Tennessee and is a quintessential artist that never follows trends doing things their own way. Good or bad, it was their way that put the band on the map when EMN was signed by the legendary Clive Davis in years past.Every Mother's Nightmare

With a music catalog that rises above and is a far cry from their peers, EMN has released six albums that greatly differ from one to the next. Each one telling a story of good times, trouble pasts and life experiences. It has been said that the band “writes what they live”. Such is the case with their new studio album ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ due out October 23, 2020 on HighVolMusic.

Recorded at Supernova Sound Memphis, ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ differs from any of its predecessors. With a unique wall of guitars and a thunderous rhythm section, ‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ stands above anything the band has written and crosses various musical boundaries. The lyrical content delves into profound subject matter that can be determined by the listener as it relates to their own lives and situations. Each song takes on a life of their own – 11 scorching tracks of pure rock ‘n roll bliss at its finest and perhaps the most defining record in the bands career.

‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ may be a shock to many; including the 2020 re-record style of the hit ‘Love Can Make You Blind.’

“‘RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL’ is a true testament of everything that EMN is today,” says vocalist Rick Ruhl. “This is the best album of my career; it is perfect in every way – at least for us. There isn’t a song on it that I wished I could go back and fix or do differently. All of these songs were written and recorded during some very dark times both personally and all around. Only the strong survive and EMN is still here.”

Current Members
Rick Ruhl – Vocals
John Guttery – Lead Guitar
Troy Fleming – Bass
Allan Bone – Drums
Travis Butler – Lead Guitar

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EMN's new single... "100% pure kick ass"

Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The Faithful
Brian BasherHard Rock Nights

The new EMN is so different than what people think. It's so different and nothing 80s about it. It's just a straight up hard fist-pumping rock band.

Enough about a has been band like Fear Factory. Bring on a fresh new relevant band like Every Mother's Nightmare!

Resurrect The Faithful - " This record just kicks ass!" 5.0 out of 5.0

Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The Faithful
Robbie KramerKNAC

Every Mother’s Nightmare has embarked into a new rockin vision, taking you on a thunderous musical dream through songs like never before. Their new album “Resurrect The Faithful” is a coming of ages containing that EMN’s southern edgy dark rock, only polished to a fresh thankful beginning. The production of the tracks is clear, concise, and heavy with killer guitar riffs, pounding rhythm section with at times a melodic feel. No doubt their best record ever!

Resurrect The Faithful is definitely one of the best hard rock albums of 2020!!!

Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The Faithful
Sakas NikasRock Pages Gr

Every Mother's Nightmare has struck gold in 2020 with Resurrect the Faithful. Heavier than previous releases, but still the unmistakable tone of front man Rick Ruhl. This has got to be a crowd pleaser and a great follow up to 2017's album Grind.

This by far is the best album from EMN - I cannot overstate the need to get this release! What I really like is there is something for everyone. Doesn’t all sound same.

Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The Faithful
James Michael HollensteinThe Record Machine Show

Watching the EMN documentary makes you really want to pull for the band and get in to them!

These guys haven’t lost a step at all. Sound even better now than 20 years ago. Keep rocking’ my brothers!

Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The Faithful
The Radical Reverend

I’ve been listening to “Breathe” on repeat for the last hour. The ethereal intro draws you into a maleate rhythm that grabs you by the Boo Boo and just gets tighter. I was so immersed in this song that I actually forgot to breathe a couple times.

Tired of veteran bands releasing subpar new material? You don’t have to worry about that with the new Every Mother’s Nightmare release, ‘Resurrect the Faithful.’ This hard-hitting collection of songs show EMN in fine form. From the one-two punch of album openers ‘Getaway’ and ‘Breathe’ to the contemplative ‘When it Goes Away’ to the lush epicness of ‘Fray,’ the album is a whirlwind of huge sonics and thought-provoking lyrics. Two horns up!

Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The Faithful
Chris CzynszakDecibel Geek Podcast

This is the rock wake-up call we hun­ger for. I got the chills and that’s one nightmare I will hap­pily hold on to.


Stats & Highlights

Throughout their 30+ year career EVERY MOTHER’s NIGHTMARE has toured with and shared the stage with such notable acts as Cheap Trick, Tesla, Judas Priest, Jackyl, Queensryche, Lita Ford, Poison, Cinderella, Kix, Quiet Riot, Dream Theater and many more of their peers. EMN has headlined and supported major outdoor events, festivals, concert halls, clubs and venues across the United States. They have an expansive and documented history all starting with Clive Davis. >> Past tour history

1990 – Every Mother’s Nightmare The Billboard 200 No. 146
1993 – Wake Up Screaming Heatseekers No. 37
2017 – Grind Top 10 Album of the Year
2019 – Grind Top 10 Album of the Year U.K.

1990 – Love Can Make You Blind Mainstream Rock #22
2018 – Loco Crazy Mediabase #71
2018 – Loco Crazy Mediabase #77
2019 – Southern Way  Top 20 at #1 (7 weeks), #3, #14
2019 – Southern Way #2 Top 20 Songs of 2019

Studio Albums
1990 – Every Mother’s Nightmare (Arista)
1993 – Wake Up Screaming (Arista)
2000 – Smokin’ Delta Voodoo (Perris)
2001 – Backtraxx (Perris)
2002 – Deeper Shade of Grey (Perris)
2015 – Grind – EP (EMN Records)
2017 – Grind – Full Length (HighVolMusic)
2018 – Smokin’ Delta Voodoo [Reissue]  (HighVolMusic)
2019 – Grind [Vinyl] (HighVolMusic)
2019 – Backtraxx [Reissue] (HighVolMusic)
2020 – Resurrect The Faithful (HighVolMusic)

Live Albums
2002 – Live Songs from Somewhere (Perris)

1990 – Walls Come Down (Arista)
1990 – Love Can Make You Blind (Arista)
1993 – House of Pain (Arista)
2017 – Loco Crazy (HighVolMusic)
2017 – Blown Away (HighVolMusic)
2018 – Delta Voodoo (HighVolMusic)
2019 – Southern Way (HighVolMusic)
2020 – Breathe (HighVolMusic)

Key Songs
Walls Come Down
Love Can Make You Blind
Long Haired Country Boy
House of Pain
Loco Crazy
Delta Voodoo
Blown Away
Closet Down the Hall
Southern Way
Swing Again
and More…