Snake Eyes Seven

Back with a vengeance, Canadian heavy metal artist SNAKE EYES SEVEN has their eye on the prize. Four years since the release of 13 Crows, founding member, guitarist, and chief song writer Cole ‘The Madman’ Stevens is ready to roll the dice one more time. Currently in the studio recording the latest opus titled Snake Eyes Seven‘Medicine Man’ with legendary producer and now full time guitarist Cam MacLeod, The ‘Madman’ has recruited front-man Danny Deane who instills an impeccable vocal style delivers the music like no other before. The rhythm section is tightly nailed down by bassist Mike Cillis and drummer Erik Young both contributing a more heavier core than ever before. “Medicine Man’ will prove to be the best slab of heavy metal created by the band to date and put them on the map for metal genres world-wide to take notice.

Over the years SNAKE EYES SEVEN has continued to evolve as a great band should, musically and professionally. The new SNAKE EYES SEVEN is a group of seasoned metal veterans. Cam MacLeod validates the band’s credibility and solidifies the band’s musicianship as a whole. Bassist Mike Cillis yields the ‘heaviness’ to catapult the songs forward. Yet it’s the driving force of drummer Erik Young that wraps the package neatly into monstrous metal sound. The Sabbath-esque qualities of SNAKE EYES SEVEN still remain evident but now vocalist Danny Deane has the pure talent to deliver strong and powerful vocals with warm melodies yet he retains that raspy growl as needed. SNAKE EYES SEVEN is the complete package that continues to churn out great music time and time again. It is time for fans to gather in masses and really discover SNAKE EYES SEVEN.

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