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Thrill Ride

THRILL RIDE is the project of singer/songwriter Denny Grace a fixture in the Baltimore, Maryland music scene for over 30 years. What started out as a solo project quickly turned in to something bigger. Denny set out to record a fun hard rock album that you just don’t hear much of these days. Once the E.P. was released, Thrill Ridepeople started to take an interest, so it was time to put a band together to bring the songs to life.

Denny recruited long time friend and drummer Keith Thomas who also played on the E.P., bassist/backing vocalist Bill Yost, and guitar/backing vocalist Silas Yost. With the lineup intact, the band began rehearsing. “One rehearsal in and the world went on lock down.” says Denny. With E.P. in hand, Denny reached out to HighVolMusic label owner Bill Chavis and a development deal was inked. With the down time the band began writing additional material for a new full-length release for their official label release.

“I reached out to HighVolMusic owner Bill Chavis and he must have liked what he heard because here we are. THRILL RIDE  is excited to join the HVM Family! We are looking forward to working with everyone and unleashing the new record on the world.” says Denny.

THRILL RIDE is a culmination of rock n’ roll laced with influences of various styles. It’s a throwback to yesterday yet captures the current rock sounds of today.

The current single ‘Did I Hear You Say’ is currently in the top 10 on 97 Underground in Baltimore.


Current Members
Denny Grace – Vocals/Lead Guitar
Silas Yost – Lead Guitar
Bill Yost – Bass
Keith Thomas – Drums

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Studio Albums

2020 – Thrill Ride (HighVolMusic)


2020 – Did I Hear You Say

HIGHVOLMUSIC · Thrill Ride – Did I Hear You Say