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HVM NewsNo More Sleaze If You Please

Vintage sleaze band BABYLON SHAKES is calling it a day at the end of 2019. The band will continue to play gigs for the remainder of the year before changing gears in 2020 and becoming THE BLOUSE BROTHERS.

BABYLON SHAKES released a fantastic debut ‘Exile to The Velveteen Lounge’ on February 1, 2019 to high praise and solid reviews around the globe. In addition two videos, ‘Making A Million’ and ‘Velveteen Libertine’ were released showcasing the bands style and new brand of sleaze. HighVolMusic would like to wish them well in their new endeavor and thank them for being part of our family. Be sure to stop by THE BLOUSE BROTHERS Facebook page and give it a LIKE!

A message from the band…

Babylon Shakes to become The Blouse Brothers in 2020

When we began as a trio almost 2 years ago, we had absolutely no idea what the future would hold or where life would Babylon Shakestake us. We set off with no expectations and we had the time of our lives. We made some incredible music and we met some truly wonderful people all the while growing and evolving as a band-as friends-and most importantly as brothers. We are all students of the game and we study intently the artists and songs that bring meaning to our lives and we absorb it and take it all in. After we became a four piece band, we got to know each other even better and we discovered that we all shared similar passions for even older rock n roll, blues and country music. Before we knew it a fire had been lit and a creative wellspring had opened up into a different sound that we felt wouldn’t represent the Babylon brand name so we created The Blouse Brothers to showcase this new original material. We realized that not only had we found a new sound, but we found the voice of the band. More importantly, we found the heart and soul that we had all been seeking as lifelong musicians.

We will continue playing scheduled Babylon Shakes shows throughout 2019, but starting next year we will forge ahead full time as The Blouse Brothers. Babylon Shakes merch and music will all still be available directly through the band or through HighVolMusic. Your support and your friendship are everything to us and we hope you will follow us as we begin this great new rock n roll adventure.

Chris, Jeff, Gary, Dave

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