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EVERY MOTHER”S NIGHTMARE entered Supernova Sound Memphis with producer David Cowell this week to begin working on the next song on their new record. The band has been writing over the past year while on and off the road and has written indisputably their best material to date. They have been in pre-production for several months with a batch of new songs well rehearsed and ready to go. “The new material is going to be a little left of our last effort. It’s powerful and heavy and is going to completely surprise everyone. The band is just incredibly tight and everyone has come together, playing is top notch, the best it’s ever been.” says Rick Ruhl.

“If there was ever any question of who does what in this band it has been put to rest and its going to show on this record no doubt about it”  says label owner Bill Chavis.

The tentative working title is ‘Fray’ but the band has been kicking other titles around so it is safe to say that the title could change. A late May or early June 2020 release is imminent just after EMN returns from their second European tour. Drums, bass and guitars are done on track #2. It’s Rick’s turn to come in and lay down his magic. You’re gonna want to stay around for this…

Allan Troy

Johnny Gunner



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