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EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare) | Rock

Forming in the early 90’s, EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE is no stranger to the music scene.  After quickly arriving on the Memphis rock scene, word spread about their energy-packed live performances gaining them the attention of Clive Davis (Arista Records).  After signing with Arista, EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMAREEvery Mother's Nightmare became staples on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball with their music videos for “Walls Come Down”, “Love Can Make You Blind”, and “House of Pain”EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE received a great deal of national press and toured, promoting the first two albums, allowing them the chance to open for bands such as Cheap Trick and Dream Theater. They performed many headlining shows, drawing in large crowds and selling out venues. EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE has been featured in hundreds of hard rock magazines both nationally and internationally like Metal Edge as well as appearing on shows like the Joan Rivers’ talk show.

EMN has evolved now blending southern post grunge heavy rock yielding that EMN unique sound. EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE released ‘GRIND’ on October 6, 2017. The full-length album includes “Loco Crazy” which features a guest appearance by Zach Myers of Shinedown on guitar with a companion video. The project also features appearances by Jim Dandy (The Jim Dandy) guest vocals on ‘Stand Up’, and Wayne Swinny (Saliva) guitar on ‘Snake’. Two years after its release, ‘GRIND’ continues to garner media attention and radio airplay. ‘GRIND’ was followed up by the successful reissue of ‘Smokin Delta Voodoo’ June 8, 2018.

EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE continues moving forward in 2019 with another back-catalog reissue of ‘BACKTRAXX’ featuring a total of 16 tracks which includes never heard before demo material from various recording sessions, all new art packaging and re-engineered audio. The studio tracks feature the talented Brian Sutton from the country legend artist Ricky Skaggs. ‘BACKTRAXX’ street date is set for April 12, 2019. EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE will be out supporting ‘BACKTRAXX’ throughout 2019 as well a recording a brand new full-length record for potential release in 2019. EMN (EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE) is better than ever some 32 years since storming on the scene in 1987. Founding member Rick Ruhl continues to evolve the band wanting to be known for what he is currently doing and not what has been done in the past. The band continues to build on its foundation amassing fans of old and new becoming a consistent draw across the United States and now Europe.






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