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HighVolMusic is pleased to announce that EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE will remain with the label for the next several years! A new 5 year deal was reached last month in Memphis, TN keeping the band at their label home through 2024. EMN originally signed with the label in 2016 and has gone on to successfully release GRIND in 2017, a reissue of Smokin’ Delta Voodoo in 2018, a reissue of Backtraxx in 2019, and GRIND (vinyl) also in 2019 as well as several accompanying videos. EMN is on the upswing since the release of GRIND and continues to grow and gain popularity worldwide. The band is currently working on their newest studio release at Supernova Sound Memphis with Dave Cowell producing.

“Bill has done things for us no one ever has. I keep saying that HVM is the best label I’ve ever been on. He’s my friend, we’re a team and there is a lot of trust there. I’m looking forward to this next album and future with HighVolMusic.” Rick Ruhl

CEO, Bill Chavis – “I am super stoked to have EMN remain with the label. I’ve always been a fan of Every Mother’s Nightmare. They have always churned out great music through the years, each album different from its predecessor. But, none of us had many expectations going in to the initial deal and knew we had some ground to cover to put this band back out there. GRIND is a solid record and we were able to rebuild the brand with it. Sure, we had a few obstacles along the way but we as a team have overcome those nuisances and the band is better for it. EMN today is absolutely, hands down the best version of EMN there ever was. This new album is a game changer and it is going to turn some heads without a doubt. Rick Ruhl is a master at what he does, a musical genius as well as everyone in the band. They all have sacrificed, contributed and worked very hard.”  #TeamHVM #HVMFamily #EMN

New album details will be revealed later this spring.


Bill Signing Deal Rick Signing Deal



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