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HighVolMusic is pleased to announce that Leni DiMancari of ‘A RISING FORCE’ has signed and endorsement deal with ESP Guitars. Leni is the guitarist and a founding member of ‘A RISING FORCE’ and has worked with most notable artists Y&T, Le Mans, Cacophony, Montrose, and Hericane Alice. He has also beenLeni DiMancari involved with a number of recording projects including the new ARF release, ‘Undertow’, Snow, Steele, the first Hurricane Alice record before they went to Atlantic, an album with Leonard Haze from Y&T, solo albums with Peter Marrino of Le Mans/Cacophony called ‘In the Heat of the Night’, a solo record called Rock n Roll Outlaw with JP Smith, an instrumental movie single called Maximum Neutral, A best of called Black and Blue (and slept all over), guitars on the Tony Lee solo record, 3 other studio projects unreleased, and a 3 song demo for EMI.

Leni sites his influences as Gary Moore, Jimmy Page, Dann Huff, Steve LukatherJohn Sykes, John Norum, George Lynch, Ronnie Le Tekro, Billy Gibbons and Warren De Martini. The guitars of choice are: ESP LTD EC 256, M 100FM, M 200, and the MH 103QM.

Recording Rig for ‘Undertow’: “We used a Mesa Boogie Stiletto on the 1st rhythm tracks, and blended it with a Marshall 3203 on the 2nd tracks. We fattened that up with 2 additional tracks and purposely panned guitars L/R to give it an old school vibe with counter rhythms. I had my JCM 900 but we didn’t incorporate it on the tracks.”

Guitar Rundown on ‘Undertow’:” I love ESP guitars. I used the EC-256’s on all of the rhythm tracks on the record including ‘Giza’. On the songs ‘Undertow’, ‘Yesterdaze Hell’, ‘War Machine’ and ‘Crushed’, I used my lemon drop for leads. On our single, ‘Love and War’, I used the M 100FM on the bluesy sad 1st solo section with the neck pickup, and the War section I went for it full throttle.‘Black Eyed Suzy’ has 4 different guitar parts in it. There is a triple harmony lead in the breakdown where we used the MH 103 QM, M 100FM and the EC 256. The standing solos were the M 100FM. Mark did the 1st solo on Retribution and I did the 2nd. On the 2nd half of the solo section. On the song ‘Freaks’, I used the MH 103 QM. ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ was the MH 103 QM for the clean section, and the solo sections were the M 100FM.”

‘Undertow’ is the debut album from ‘A RISING FORCE’ and featuring featuring Mark Westlund (vocals, guitar), Brian Lorenson (bass, vocals), Lane Allen (drums, vocals), and Leni DiMancari (guitars, vocals) is set to release on May 7th, 2021 via HighVolMusic. The album was written in the fall of 2019 through the summer of 2020 and recorded in in the fall of 2020. ‘Undertow’ features 10 tracks including a cover of the WARRANT hit ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’. ‘A RISING FORCE’ recently signed with HighVolMusic and are putting the final touches on the first video for the single ‘Love and War’.


A Rising Force - Undertow


Love and War
Black Eyed Suzy
Yesterdaze Hell
War Machine
Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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