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Skylight Webzine Interview With Rick Ruhl

EVERY MOTHER’s NIGHTMARE front-man Rick Ruhl spoke with the Greece webzine ‘Skylight’ recently about the band and their new release ‘GRIND’.


Every Mother's Nightmare


4. Are you satisfied with your new label?

Rick Ruhl – Absolute best label I’ve ever been signed to. Bill Chavis is a beast straight up no bull shit and my friend. He has resurrected the band, put new life into us. The man is absolutely insane. 


5. How did you choose the name for the band and do you still feel being a nightmare for all the mothers?

Rick Ruhl – We were just going to use it for the first show. My old manager Doc Fields, called us that at the time and it just stuck. I don’t feel I’m Every Mothers Nightmare. I feel most people hope and pray that their kids don’t turn out to be a long-haired rock an roller! LOL


Read the full interview here

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