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Is HighVolMusic still signing bands?HighVolMusic

The short answer is, YES. But there is a new process involved now as we continue to grow and are contacted daily.


What genre of music does HighVolMusic sign?

Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Country Rock. Whatever moves us and is really good!


Where can I submit music for consideration?

Please contact our A&R department at musichighvol ‘at’ gmail.com.


What can HighVolMusic do for me or my project?

There are no guarantees and we make no promises on any type of successes. We do promise to work 110% for you. If we take on a project it is because we believe in the band, music and project. It doesn’t do us any good to take on a project just to see it fail. Time is money, money drives our business.


Who is our distributor?

We use Amplified Distribution which is part of Alliance. Click here for more info.