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HighVolMusic is a premier Rock, Metal, and Country Rock independent music company recruiting talented Rock and Roll artists. HVM is distributed by AMPED /  Alliance.

Over 20 years in the music & entertainment business specializing in the independent field of music.

Launched one of the first internet magazines in 1994 connecting with the support of many major and independent record labels, conducting interviews, music reviews, advertising and overall support of the music scene. With a leap of faith, I connected with pioneers of the new internet radio revolution, Audio Realm, Shoutcast, HighVolMusicand Shoutstream around 1996 to start Metalvault Radio.

By the year 2000, with over 2.5 million hits to the Metalvault webzine and a daily listener count of 250+ at Metalvault Radio, the industry shift lead to the formation of Chavis Records.

Chavis Records released several national releases to include: Quiet Riot, Bulletboys, DC4 (Featuring Rowan Robertson, Jeff Duncan), American Angel, Snake Eyes Seven, Sonic X, Wycked Synn, Hydrogyn, Legacy (Marten Andersson), Mystery Bloom, Bangkok Babes, Cry Havoc (UK), Asphalt Valentine. After 10 years of learning it was time to take a break.

Founded Jamsync Music in 2010 and returned to the creative passion of the independent musician. Taking everything good that was learned and rolled it into JSM and leaving out the critical mistakes made in the past.

Jamsync Music released several national releases to include: Asphalt Valentine, Mama Kin, Snake Eyes Seven, Triggersoul, Planet 9, Modern Superstar, Pump, Iconic Tonic, Ura Kia, Steevi Jamiz, Teenage Casket Company, DeVan, Distorted Wonderland, and Gypsy Pistoleros.

2012 retooled and realigned our business practices and underwent a name change to HighVolMusic Llc. Continually striving to release great music in a “make sense” approach, HighVolMusic is releasing music by: EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare), DC4 (Featuring Rowan Robertson, Jeff Duncan, Billy Morris Band, Snake Eyes Seven, Newmachine, Strikeforce, Rabid Assassin, Minoli, Wycked Synn, Modern Superstar, Saints of Rebellion, Pink Velvet Krush, and Outlaws & Moonshine.

Specialties: Artist Relations, Artist Management, Negotiations, Branding and Identity, Publicity, Music Supervision.



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