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HVM NewsHighVolSummerBash Recap…

HighVolMusic Summer Bash


Arrived at the hotel early Friday afternoon to check in and make sure all room accommodations were set accordingly. A few minor updates to be put in place but the hotel manager Chris and everyone at the Rodeway Inn in Wooster, OH was excellent, attentive, professional and just all out hospitable. To them, I say THANK YOU for a great stay.

Lori McNew Chavis and I pop over to the venue to get the lay of the land and see the setup. We meet up with Monika Christensen who BTW is absolutely fantastic and we do a walk thru go over the entire game plan for the festivities. We met some of the staff and everyone there is super kind, professional and just willing to help with whatever they could. Totally awesome staff to say the least. Fiore’s Italian Ristorante is an awesome venue as well owner Mark Scheibe, the entire staff, THANK YOU so much! You all made this event that much more successful. Monika Christensen I cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING that you did, your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is unsurpassable.

Back to the hotel to unload my gear into the hotel room.

Laura Scott and Michelle Bench Novak just arrived, my 2 “ambassadors of quam”! Thank you both for coming and helping out with the event and for going the extra mile and doing whatever was needed even when had no clue! Honored and proud to know you, have you in our circle and more importantly…friends and family. Thank you again.

The bus arrives, the boys are in town. It is ALWAYS great to see these guys no matter. Love these boys. We meet the new drummer Allan Bone. Great vibe from him, already felt good about him had 0 idea what was to come… But to Allan Bone, THANK YOU! EMN is on a mission…

A lot of chit chat with various people and those arriving and a little cleanup and back over to the venue to hang, eat, drink, catch up etc.

Sarge McIntyre and Michael Vipmike Hendershot arrive. We game plan for the event, they check things out and do what it is they do and great at it. When I needed help they helped. No matter what, they were there to lend a hand. THANK YOU BOTH for providing a safe and secure environment for us all. Love you brothers #family

Called it quits about 10PM, going to be a long Saturday. I, of course, was up at 3,4,5,6 (am) so I gave in and got up at 6:30.

Coffee, minimal food, loaded up the truck and over to the venue at 7:30-8 am.

Unloaded my gear set up the tents and merch area. Our sponsor Queen City Drums arrived and set up the drum kit. A BIG THANK YOU to Tim Guilfoyle!

A couple of bands start to arrive, check in, setup is happening. 1:30 VIP on tap, the sound and lights getting set up. Billy Morris arrives in-house, Babylon Shakes, Lola Montez, L. A. Knights, Red Reign all in.

Our friends and sponsor The Classic Metal Show arrived and set up shop to broadcast live from the event. 20 years of working with Neely and Chris Akinand this was the first time I met them in person. Awesome people, great supporters of what I’ve done past and present. THANK YOU BOTH for everything and the years of backing. It was an honor.


L. A. Knights got things started in proper fashion with their brand of rock n roll. THANK YOU to Dave and the boys for coming out and kicking off the show!

Babylon Shakes ahhhh ‘vintage sleaze if you please’, a crowd pleaser for sure. These guys tear it up on stage every time! BIG thanks to Chris ClarkJeff Mortimer Gary Jordan for a great show and Margie Clark for pitching in to help out. Proud to have them on HighVolMusic and to call them #family.

Lola Montez killed it! Love what they do, always fun to watch Inga Rudin do her thing. Great to see you Kurt Pietro and Blake Scopino Inga RudinTHANK YOU all for a great show and coming out.

Red Reign up next, these guys performed a blistering rock and roll set. Excellent choice. Thanks Chris Akin!

I’m a Stevie Rachelle Tuff fan always have been. I wanted them on the bill, we made it happen. Stevie never disappoints, great show. BIG THANKS to Stevie Rachelle Todd Chaisson Jimi Lord Winalis, and Billy Morris for crushing it!

EMN (Every Mothers Nightmare) is up to bat, new drummer in tow. A home run performance to say the least, no b.s. not kidding. Allan Bone owned it, great job, kudos my friend. The band was different in every way then what I have seen in the past. Better? MUCH. The Rev was on fire! Crowd pleaser for sure and the owner wanted more! Great, great, great job by the boys. The hard work paid off fellas. Job well done, I expect nothing less. THANK YOU!

My partner in crime the one who worked with me to bring my very own show to fruition Billy Morris! This night also served as the CD release party for Billy Morris / Sunset Strip. ‘Holdin’ All The Aces is officially out now!

Billy’s shows are always fun and energetic this night was no different. The band tore through many tracks from the CD as well as some fan favs by Warrant. Billy never disappoints and his loyal fan following prove that fact every time. Great job and congratulations on the release.

Turnout was pretty damn good. 300 of a 350 cap. I am humbled by everyone who came out, helped, played, participated, contributed, sponsored, lent a hand, cared, showed up, watched, promoted, shared the event, commented, did interviews, aired the bands on radio to help promote, wished us well for a great show. YOU all helped out and I say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

To our sponsors AMPED Distribution The Classic Metal Show Queen City Drums Sarge Security Pinball PA Smokin’ Rock n’ Roll THANK YOU!

To Sherry L. Newhouse Williams THANK YOU for helping us during the event and organizing the Cambridge show! Much love and respect.

An extra heartfelt THANK YOU to Billy Morris. Couldn’t have done it without you, sir. Much respect and love for you brother.

Dougie Manross and Shelby Hough and the sound team YOU ALL KICKED ASS!! THANK YOU!!!!

Last an never least to my wife Lori McNew Chavis for putting up with my bullshit, being an ass and a myriad of other shit that I do ALL THE TIME, THANK YOU, I LOVE you for backing me right and wrong.

Finally, I took away a few improvements for next time. Although this event was a success, there is always room to do better. I always strive to be better and do better.

Here are a couple of reviews of the event:

Thank you to everyone once again.


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