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Rock and Roll Frontline Interviews Bill Chavis Part 2

After the debut of Frontline 7 with Justin Murr, I decided that we needed to do a F7 with Bill Chavis. Well that turned into a F7+ because I couldn’t keep it at 7 and then we decided to go with a 2 part F7.

In part 1 we learned how Bill started out, we learned some about Chavis Records, his thoughts behind bringing HighVolMusic to the world and what sets HVM apart from others.

Today we learn what the future holds for HVM and it’s artists.

Ladies & gentlemen…I give you Bill Chavis!

Frontline 7

January 8, 2017

Bill Chavis-Part 2

8. Frontline 7: You are bringing back past Hydrogyn music on digital. Do you happen to have plans to do any other reissues and will any of them go to physical format?

BC: Yes, I have several that are coming out in February all Chavis Records alumni. Minoli (Living in Memphis) and Wycked Synn (The Vision) are two to name. As for a physical re-issue of these and others, not really sure yet. There is talk with others to make some back catalog available.

9. F7: You already have a great lineup of releases slated for 2017. Are you considering more signings soon or will you be holding off a bit before signing more bands?

BC: Thank you for acknowledging that. We think so too! I have 1 more deal pending at this time. We’ve been hashing out the details but I think it’s going to happen. If so, that would be the last one for a while. We do have some back-catalog deals in play, those could turn in to something, but for now my plate is full.

10. F7: I’m sure you are getting tons of bands knocking at your door. What advice do you have for bands sending you music for consideration?Bill Chavis

BC: We do. I get tons of inquiries all the time. But I have learned to stick with my game plan.

My best advice is having something to offer. Know the music climate, know what you want going in. If you are looking for me to pay for everything, keep on going, I am NOT your guy. Everything I do comes from my pocket and the sales generated from people buying our releases.

Also, be professional and make sure that the material being sent is professional and complete. And NEVER drop bomb message me links and stuff in Facebook asking me to check you out. Take the time and send an email or at least send a fb message asking if material can be sent.

11. F7: The Mega Rock #payitforward compilation sounds very promising. Can you explain what this project is to the ones out there that might not know what it is? Also, will we be seeing physical copies of this great compilation?

BC: I’ve been wanting to do my own compilation for a long time but never did. I couldn’t really tell you why, not for a lack of material, that is for sure.

But, now I feel it is the time for a couple of reasons;

1) To create a snap shot of artists currently on the label who are releasing new material this year; a marketing tool if you will. Sending the comp to our media partners in hopes of generating more intertest in our artists for review, interviews, shows etc. It’s all about exposure, exposure, exposure!

2) To help the unknown/unsigned artists gain more exposure. I have a database containing thousands of contacts that I’ve built over the years. If by sending the compilation to our media list not only exposes our artists but helps to gain exposure to those not signed but on the compilation, then it’s all good! Helping others and giving back makes good karma and it feels good to just help others.

12. F7: Let’s talk the coming soon releases. You have some decent size names on your roster and EMN is one of those names. Can you give us some details on their new CD?

BC: EMN released a 5 song EP on their own in early 2016 called Grind which is some of their best material to date. The band is going into the studio this month to record some additional new material and we’re adding it to Grind and making it a full-length release with some possible goodies included. May call it ‘Still Grinding’ or Grind+ who knows. Release date is not locked yet but you’ll be the first to know!

EMN and I have been trying to work together since 2008. We met at Rocklahoma during the Chavis Records era. The moons finally aligned 8 years later and here we are. Rick and company are good people! We share the same vision and ideas on how to get to where we want to go.

13. F7: Billy Morris, known for his work with Kidd Wicked, Warrant & Tuff, is scheduled to release a new CD soon. Seeing Billy lives 45 min or so from me, I’ve been following him for a very long time and I’m definitely looking forward to this release. How did you and Billy hook up to work together?

BC: I’ve known Billy since 2001 when he was in Warrant. I met him and Sack first in Delaware I think on the Glam Slam Metal Tour. My brother is a chiropractor and we were on the bus while he was adjusting the Warrant guys. After that we were out on the road with them occasionally and became friends.

Incidentally, it was at that time through Billy that I also met Jani Lane who is my all-time favorite singer/songwriter. Jani was an amazing writer and performer. My brother and I spent many a day golfing and hanging out with the Warrant guys on different tours. I am grateful for the time spent with one of my rock heroes and favorite bands on a personal level.

I saw Billy at RNS 15 and we started talking about this and that, catching up like people do. He wanted to do some stuff with his new band the Billy Morris Band. So, after a few conversations and meetings we struck up a deal. I handle all of Billy’s music affairs and a lot of business for him. Billy is a great guy and very talented and one helluva guitar player.

I am super excited about his new release. I have some of the new demo material and it is absolutely amazing! We may even have the official party song for 2017. It may be included on the MEGAROCK compilation but not sure yet how we are going to play it out. But I think people are going to be surprised for sure.

14. F7: We know you’re excited for all of your releases, but what releases are you looking forward to the most?

BC: Honestly? All of them. I can’t wait for each of my artist releases to come out. I love them all. They are all different in their own way but similar in that they rock! That is why I signed them.

I’ve managed to build an inner HVM family. All of our artists subscribe to this. It’s strength in numbers and they all support each other and cross promote one another. It just works, it’s how it should be. We are stronger as one.

F7: Again…thank you so much Bill. Do you have any parting words that you would like to get out there?

BC: Thank you, Doug, for asking me to do this. I sincerely appreciate all the exposure you and Rock and Roll Frontline are giving us. I also appreciate the people in the group supporting us. It means so much. Without them we cannot survive. I hope they pick up what we’re putting out and support the label, the artists, the dream. HighVolMusic 2017!

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