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P.J. FARLEY recently talked with Gruemonkey about his new project Kuarantine, Trixter and his new solo record. P.J. started his professional career as a musician at the age of 16 as the bass player for Trixter ( The band signed its first major label record deal with MCA Records in 1989. Trixter went P.J. Farleyon to sell well over 1 million records and had 3 #1 videos on MTV.

P.J. signed with HighVolMusic in January and is currently finishing up tracking his new solo record ‘Accent the Change’. The sensational track ‘The Fallen’, from the P.J. Farley (TRIXTER, Ra, 40ft Ringo) solo release, ‘Boutique Sound Frames’ is now streaming on HVMtv‘Boutique Sound Frames’ was released in 2016 and is a modern rock classic written and performed by the dynamic singer/songwriter who  spent over a decade writing his first solo project.

GRUEMONKEY: Hello PJ and welcome to Gruemonkey. Very happy that you are our guest today. Wanna start the interview off by talking about Kuarantine. How did this band come together and what is Kuarantine?

PJ: Kent Slucher sent the drum intro to No No No to Chris asking him to guess what song it was. Kent wasn’t looking to put a band together or to get Chris to sing, he was just having fun. Chris guessed it right away and asked Kent if he needed a singer. Kent and Joe Mcginniss were working on some stuff already and thought it would be great!. Kent asked Chris to find a bass player who loved KISS…Chris and I have been friends for years and so he called me.

GRUEMONKEY: That’s so awesome how this band came together. The way everything is now with Isolation and Quarantine, everyone is bored out of their mind. So this is perfect. The first single and music video is No No No from Kiss album Crazy Nights. Out of all the Kiss songs, what made you guys choose this song to be the first single? 

PJ: At this time we have 2 songs done and thought NO NO NO would really jump out. Oddly enough not a big KISS fan favorite but I think we put a good spin on it.

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