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Hey folks!, Just wanted to take a few and check in as I’ve been a bit off the grid as of late. We released some great new material from Ron Keel, Pj Farley, Asphalt Valentine, and EMN (Every Mothers Nightmare) this year. These are some of the best artists and hardest working in the business, no question. Such an honor to work with them.

It has been a tough year on everyone but I like to see the glass ‘half full’ even though at times it is empty. EMN peaked at #15 on the radio charts, YES the real radio charts and RKB and PJ were also all over radio this year as well as AV making the Top 20 for 2020. Very proud and happy for all the guys. Thank you to each and every FAN that supported HVM and our artists. It has meant everything to us. It couldn’t have been done without you. To all the media, radio and support teams out there, thank you so much.

Big thank you to Sherry L. Newhouse Williams for picking up all the slack over the past months. A massive and heartfelt thanks to Michael Brandvold, Timothy Binder, Leni DiMancari, Ron Keel, and for keeping me even KEEL (ha ha pun intended) Lori McNew Chavis.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to you and your families, stay safe!

Bill Chavis

Happy Holidays!



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