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HVM NewsHighVolMusic To Release Medicine Man

HighVolMusic is pleased to announce the signing of the Canadian heavy metal band SNAKE EYES SEVEN. SNAKE EYES SEVEN is currently recording their latest effort Medicine Man with producer Cam MacLeod (White Wolf) at the Wolfsden (pic below) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

HighVolMusic To Release Medicine Man
Medicine Man marks the bands 3rd release with label president Bill Chavis. Both SNAKE EYES SEVEN (2007) and 13 CROWS (2010) were released with Bill. “I am very happy to have Cole and company back on-board. Cole and I developed a great friendship from day one. He is a great person and loyal friend to the end not to mention a prolific riff master and writer. We have worked together for so long it just seems logical for me to be involved with the next SNAKE EYES SEVEN chapter. Cole called and said will you do this, I said when do we start? I discovered Cole and his band years ago but actually turned him down the first few times. It was only after Cole’s non-stop perseverance that I caved in. The first release was OK but 13 Crows was outstanding. I don’t think it caught on but it was a great release. Medicine Man proves to be the best SNAKE EYES SEVEN release yet and judging by the demo material, it will be a game changer.”

SNAKE EYES SEVEN now features Cole ‘The Madman’ Stevens – guitar, Cam MacLeod – guitar, Danny Deane – vocals, Mike Cillis – bass, and Erik Young – drums.

SNAKE EYES SEVEN recently launched their Facebook page with a new website to follow in the coming days. More details on Medicine Man including soundbytes and other information will be revealed soon.

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