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Guitarist John Guttery makes up half of the guitar duo of the band EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE. John’s style and attack gives EMN part of their signature sound. We asked John 10 questions and here is what he had to say…

1. When did you start playing guitar?

 John: When I was fourteen, a kid @ school said I have a guitar that I’ll sell you for $25.00. He brought it to school in a black garbage bag. John Guttery

2. Who are your top three musical influences and why is that?

John: Cheap Trick is my favorite band. Starting w/ their 1st album, it’s just full from beginning to end w/ finally crafted songs. Lyrically dark & I just can’t say enough about how great the 1st record is to me. Every record that follows up to Dream Police, which is just incredible in & of itself. KISS, as there aren’t too many kids that I know that didn’t just loose their minds to all things KISS back in 1976. I used to get angry @ the fact that radio stations played such shit when these songs just rocked so hard. Van Halen is often a go to when I need to get inspired all over again. I never get tired Fair Warning no matter how many times I listen to that record. Just Amazing!  Shocking! All American guitar oriented bands…What’d you expect?

3. What are your main guitars?

John: I love my Suhr moderns & my PRS’s. It just depends on how I’m feeling, but they are all just incredibly well built instruments.

4. What is your current live rig setup?

John: My Friedman HBE100 is the meat & the potatoes vary on any given day. Currently digging my TC Electronics Flashback 2 delay & Hall of Fame 2 reverb.

5. What type of strings do you use? What gauge?

John Guttery - D'Addario Strings

6. What type of effects and pickups do you use?

John: Any effect that inspires me to take something & color the sound in a way that lends to the song & makes it unique. My Suhr moderns both have Suhr SSV Humbucker Neck Pickup, ML Standard Single-Coil Middle Pickup, SSH+ Humbucker Bridge Pickup setups. My PRS custom 24, I honestly cannot remember, but they sound very warm. My gold PRS Vela has a Suhr Thornbucker in the bridge & a Lollar mini humbucker in the neck position. All guitars have coil tapping function that I love experimenting with.

7. What is your greatest challenge as a guitar player?

John: I wish I could remember 1/2 off what I forget on a daily basis. If I don’t record a riff or idea right away, regardless of quality or technicality it’s just erased from my memory. I have very little recall when it comes to how I was feeling one day ago & what I was playing, even if I played it for hours.

8. What bands have you played with?John Guttery

 John: n/a

9. Where do you stand as a musician five years from now?

 John: Right in front of my amp.

10. How long have you played with EMN?

John: 3 years

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