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Resurrect The Faithful
October 9, 2020

Review By Robbie Kramer – 


Have you ever been to a concert where the band absolutely blew you away? Their energy and chemistry were clearly evident, and it made you HAVE to buy their music. On the way out you stand in line at the merch table to buy the latest CD. The excitement builds as you can barely get the plastic wrapper off quick enough. Every Mother's Nightmare - Resurrect The FaithfulHow do you feel when the CD starts to play, and it is a huge let down and totally not what you expected? What happened to the wall of sound? Where did the energy go? That can’t possibly be the same band that just blew your face off for the last 2 hours, can it? This has happened to me many times, more times than I’d like to admit.

RESURRECT THE FAITHFUL, the latest release by Memphis, Tennessee’s own EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE did just the opposite for me. Within the first 10 seconds of “Getaway” I knew I HAD to see this band live. This record just comes out kicking from the start. I could not turn my volume knob up loud enough. Maybe it is due to being without live shows for several months, but I believe it has more to do with this record just kicking ass. I have never had the opportunity of seeing EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE live but I am making it a point to see them as soon as I am able.

In the old days, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth bands still put out full records of at least 11 songs at once, the music usually took you on a journey from beginning to end with all kinds of emotions and feelings. The whole album was a listening experience that was designed to be enjoyed as a whole. In today’s world when many artists release a single here and a single there it is refreshing to see a band who still delivers the whole package.

The CD doesn’t let up; it keeps banging through songs like the new single “Breathe”, or the patriotic anthem “Here’s To The Ones”, or “Sin in My Heart” and “When It Goes Away”. The title track “Resurrect The Faithful” has a cool groove that still makes me want to see them live. This song should be epic! You will want to be standing next to the subs and as close to the stage as possible. You can feel the kick drum and bass in your chest, all the while having both hands in the air shouting the chorus with a few thousand of your closest new friends. See, you want to see them live too, don’t ya?

The roller coaster ride continues with songs like “Fray” and “Sorry Today”. Lead singer and founding member Rick Ruhl and the boys step on the gas from beginning to end closing out the record with “Unstained” and “Drown By Luv”. The closest thing this record has to a ballad is a new vamped up 2020 version of the bands biggest single, “Love Can Make You Blind”. This version only reinforced my desire to see this band live. The new stuff positions itself right next to the old stuff while adding to an already fist punch of a catalogue.

As soon as this covid stuff is over, I will be finding me some show dates for EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE. This album is a wakeup call and the equivalent of standing atop a mountain and blowing through the magical conch shell so everyone for miles can hear, calling to arms every diehard fan of good Rock and Roll. Guitar is not dead, it is time to RESSURECT THE FAITHFUL.

5.0 Out Of 5.0

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