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KNAC.COM caught up with frontman and ‘Metal Cowboy’ RON KEEL who of course has history with KNAC going back to his days with KEEL. Ron released his latest album with the RON KEEL BAND titled South X South Dakota on April 24th, an album of covers that spans some of Ron’s influences that range from LYNYRD SKYNYRD to MOLLY Ron Keel BandHATCHET to THE OUTLAWS, amongst others. “I’m so emotionally attached to this record, it was so much fun to record and the response has been positive”, says Keel about the latest record South X South Dakota. We covered all things South X South Dakota this time around though we did manage to squeeze some KEEL related stuff toward the tail end. RON KEEL is a blast to speak with, so we’ll do it again soon no doubt.

KNAC.COM: You have a new album South X South Dakota, an album of southern rock and twangy tunes. How many songs did you have to cull from? Did you have a list?

KEEL: South X South Dakota is unlike any album that I have ever done. I didn’t go into the studio with songs, I didn’t have a plan. Let me explain: When we went into the studio to record our last album Fight Like A Band, we’d warm up by jamming “Flirtin’ With Disaster”. We’d wind down at the end of the day with a couple of cocktails and jam a couple of more tunes. After 4-5 days of this, I realized that our producer had been recording these jams, so I asked him to play them back. I was sitting there in front of the speakers listening back to them and I thought we had something there. It was organic, it was natural, it was fun. I felt we had the foundation for what could be a very strong southern rock tribute album. It was then that the title South X South Dakota crossed my mind, it wasn’t anything that I put much thought into or pondered over, it just came to mind.

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