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Let’s Discuss With Lance Hall interviews Asphalt Valentine vocalist Joe Flynt about his influences, how the band got its name, how they pick the cover tunes covered, and of course the new album ‘Twisted Road’‘Twisted Road’, the exemplary new album from Asphalt Valentine was released on February 28, 2020. Joe FlyntThe album continues to garner worldwide media attention with the new video for ‘Twisted Road’ debuting today May 28th at 7 PM EST on the bands YouTube channel at 

Based in Atlanta, GA Asphalt Valentine got its start in the early 2000’s. signing with Chavis Records now HighVolMusic and released their debut Strip Rock Roll in 2008. The band toured the U.S. with Mama Kin from Sweden on the ‘Summer of Sin Tour’. The album received high praise as one of rock’s new bands to watch. In 2013 the band self-released their ‘Into the Red’ E.P. as well as released a video for the track ‘Living Dreams’.

In 2015 the band began working on new material for what is now ‘Twisted Road’ and released a video for the track ‘The Only’ before going on hiatus. ‘The Only’ was originally conceived when the band was approached by author/film maker/adventurist Joey Shonka to write some music for one of his documentary-style films about his years long journey across the entire Andes Mountains range in South America – a journey he did alone. The video contains footage of the recording sessions as well as clips from Shonka’s latest self-shot movie ‘The Shonkadventure’.

Asphalt Valentine is: Joe Flynt (vocals), Scott Clark (bass), Brett Ciaramella (guitar), Brian Jung (drums), and Darrell Floyd (guitar)



Asphalt Valentine - Twisted Road

Track list:

1. Twisted Road
2. The Only
3. I Don’t Care
4. Saving
5. Something More
6. As the Crow Flies
7. Shamefully
8. Ooh La La
9. Dixie Rose
10. Rain

Available for streaming and download at:

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