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Dragon of interviews HighVolMusic recording artist Thane Farace of Rabid Assassin.

Thane Farace

Thane Farace is a wild man! At least that is the impression I get anyway and yes, while it is true that I have never met Thane in person, there’s enough stuff out in the cybernetic realm to come to that conclusion. He’s an integral member of Pennsylvania-based, old school heavy metal-influenced Rabid Assassin along with being a co-conspirator in the Pillbilly project alongside Dave Sherman. He is the head honcho and multifaceted force behind the independent film company Toxic Rabid Films whose very name gives you a distinct impression as to what type of cinematic greatness they create. Thane is clearly a creative dynamo that more than capably multi-tasks with a plethora of irons in the fire, juggling projects and undertakings like a skilled entertainer tossing one into the air while grabbing another elsewhere. He adroitly balances them and handles his biz like a man possessed, each endeavor a feat to be accomplished and then unveiled to the public to witness and experience. From the blistering thrash ‘n groove of Rabid Assassin to the outlaw country-fried southern rock of Pillbilly or his own ongoing solo musical artistry currently in the works, Thane Farace delivers the goods time and time again. With an exclusive endorsement through Epiphone Guitars as a shredding guitarist or the Coldcock Whiskey sponsorship of Rabid Assassin, countless people and companies recognize what a truly talented entity Mr. Farace is as do I. So, recognizing that he was someone we could all learn a thing or two from, I contacted the man and was eventually able to pick his brain about all the stuff he has going on. That includes three separate musical projects with albums in production, the films and other items planned via Toxic Rabid Films and God only knows what else more hype, let’s jump right into The Metal Nexus Interview With Thane Farace!

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