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NATIVE SONS issues a new lyric video for the single ‘The Key’ from their debut release ‘ The Natives Are Restless’ due March 12th, 2021. The band featuring Ashton Blake (v), Kevin “7” Amici (b), Adam Amici (d), and Diego Grimaldo (g). The project was originally recorded with different players, under a different band name but included Ashton Blake on vocals. The project was abruptly put on hold for significant reasons in 2018 and it was all but shelved. In December of 2019, Ashton contacted the label to see if they would reconsider releasing the album. After much discussion with label president, Bill Chavis, and talks with the original players, it was decided that the album would be released but under the new band name ‘NATIVE SONS’.

“This is some of the best work my career thus far and I wanted it to come out. There is no misrepresentation of the facts here, this album was recorded with different players and we all did something great in my opinion. I have fought long and hard for this record to come out so I hope people dig what is on it. ‘The Natives Are Restless’ is a great launching pad and this version of the band does it very well. NATIVE SONS is the 4 of us now. Everything happens for a reason, we may not be sure what those reasons are when they happen but it is how life works.” – Ashton Blake


Native Sons - The Natives Are Restless


Silver Lining
Had Enough Of Me
Here and Now
Master of My Fate
Full Circle
Crazy Enough
One Another
The Key

Native Sons


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