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‘Undertow’ by A RISING FORCE is Out Now! Check out your fav digital platform or pick up your copy in the store (link below). The album was written in the fall of 2019 through the summer of 2020 and recorded in in the fall of 2020. ‘Undertow’ features 10 tracks including a cover of the Warrant hit “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. If you like commercial radio friendly hard rock, you’ll like this record.

“This is a fantastic release, Mark Westlund is a phenomenal vocalist and the band is soo good!” – Bill Chavis




A RISING FORCE is an all original Minnesota rock act featuring Mark Westlund (lead vocals, guitar), Brian Lorenson (bass, vocals), Lane Allen (drums, vocals, percussion) and former Hericane Alice band member Leni DiMancari (guitar, vocals, keyboards). The band members collectively have had multiple albums released, MMA nominations & awards, along with national and international touring backgrounds. A RISING FORCE members are no stranger to the recording industry: Guitarist Leni DiMancari (Founding member of Hurricane Alice who changed their name to Hericane Alice for Atlantic Records) has recorded with members of Y&T, Le Mans, Cacophony, and Montrose. Bass player Brian Lorenson and drummer Lane Allen were members of Dare Force. DiMancari, Allen, and Lorenson were all part of the last incarnation of the band prior to A RISING FORCE.

A RISING FORCE signed with the label earlier this year then released the first video/single ‘Love and War’. Their motto is “Old school rock with a new world attitude” and the album definitely shows it on every track of the debut of ‘A RISING FORCE’. The music is guitar-driven commercial hard rock combined with 4-part harmonies, and all fronted by an arena rock lead vocalist. The songs are all real-life experiences and stories about life, love, loss, heartache, and the world around us. Release date details are forthcoming.



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