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Ted Nugent w/Newmachine

NEWMACHINE will be appearing with TED NUGENT as direct support July 11& 12  at the Southwest Florida Event Center. Tickets are available at the links below.

July 11 Tickets    July 12 Tickets

As previously announced , the ‘Karma’ era of NEWMACHINE have parted ways with drummer Ryche Green retaining the name. A clarifying statement was issued by Staber, Williams and Miller on June 30th at 5:41PM giving the details of their departure but it failed to mention key details that included the other members. Read it here

On July 4th at 3:09PM Ryche Green and Lorenzo Del Vecchio responded with their own rebuttal statement further clarifying details of the situation. The statement is below:

In response to the clarification statement released on June 30th by Polo Staber, Tommy Williams, and Jim Miller regarding the band NEWMACHINE.

The statement is a generalization of events and mostly accurate. To clarify the situation further; I and the current version of NEWMACHINE do NOT and NEVER have disputed the fact that Tommy Williams wrote one song and that Polo Staber wrote the rest on the now defunct ‘Karma’ release. I never claimed to have written any of the songs in question. Staber also had copy written songs in question a few years ago. Again not disputing those facts.

However in their statement Staber, Williams, and Miller failed to mention the fact that Lorenzo Del Vecchio co-produced and co-mixed ‘Karma’ and that Howard Lindeman engineered and produced ‘Karma’ as listed in the credits on the release.

Furthermore, I along with DelVecchio, Staber, Williams and Miller all performed, recorded and arranged the songs as listed in the credits on the project. Each musician contributed their parts but that does not constitute the “writing” of a song. To again reiterate the fact that Polo Staber and Tommy Williams wrote the songs.

The statement also fails to mention that publishing of the tracks that Staber wrote are shared by Staber, Williams, Green, Del Vecchio, HighVolMusic and Lonnie Vencent Miller.

When it was apparent that we were no longer on the same page, I decided to leave the group. As the sole owner of the name NEWMACHINE, I openly stated and made it clear to Staber, Williams, and Miller that I was taking the name and along with Del Vecchio / Laag  (3 original Newmachine members) would be assembling new members to go out and perform all songs on the ‘Karma’ release (Of which is within my full legal right) but would not manufacture or sell any music from the release. Only playing material that I and Lorenzo played and recorded on.

We have no ill will or intent to discredit Staber, Williams or Miller. We wish them the best. There was never any malicious intent by me or NEWMACHINE. The only intention is to go out and play the songs live.

NEWMACHINE is currently writing new music The band consists of Ryche Green (drums), Lorenzo DelVecchio (guitar), John Lagg (bass and original NEWMACHINE bassist before being replaced), Greg Polcari (guitar), and Terry ‘Ragdoll’ Hansen (vocals).

\m/ Ryche



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