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Newmachine | Hard Rock



NEWMACHINE; a rock band that delivers a memorable musical experience with amazingly strong songs full of hooks, laced with soaring vocals, gang vocal harmonies, and crushing guitars.NEWMACHINE

Releasing their debut ‘Karma’ in March of 2017, NEWMACHINE opened the eyes and ears of rock fans globally. Initially started as a side project, NEWMACHINE was formed by drummer Ryche Green along with longtime friend and guitarist Lorenzo DelVecchio. The band contained various musicians but after a couple of short runs the chemistry within the band was all wrong.

With the lineup fully intact, NEWMACHINE is now ridiculously rock solid and comprised of Ryche Green, Lorenzo DelVecchio, A.D. Zimmer (Lou Gramm), Ashton Blake, Steve Cummings (Autumn Reflection), and Bo Davis. Having completed several shows and a recent short run the band is road tested and is all systems go! Each member has a deep rich history in the music scene as well as touring and are the consummate professionals when it comes to their craft.

Striving for success and reaching a mass audience with the music is what it’s all about for NEWMACHINE. With great songs and a support team behind them that goal isn’t too far off. With everything falling into place now it is just taking it to the people for all to hear. With a new single on the horizon NEWMACHINE is already writing album #2 as a collaborative band effort with nothing rehashed from the past. Their high energy live set includes the entire ‘Karma’ record plus more with a few surprises tossed in. Timing is everything and realizing that the sum of the parts yield something greater than anyone has recently achieved on their own, the 6 band members of NEWMACHINE are on a mission.



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