HVM NewsNew Audio From Smokin’ Delta Voodoo

Friday June 8th is the official release day for the reissue of ‘Smokin’ Delta Voodoo’ by EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE. “SDV has without a doubt some of the best song writing by Rick Ruhl. We’ve got plans for the bands entire catalog including the first two Arista releases that we just acquired the rights to them. Lots of EMN to come and then some” says label owner Bill Chavis. The SDV reissue features all new artwork and packaging, the 12 original tracks plus additional bonus tracks all re engineered by Anthony Focx. ‘Smokin’ Delta Voodoo’ comes on the heels of the bands newest studio effort ‘GRIND’ released in October 2017. The highly touted release continues to garner media attention and still in the top 100 on classic rock FM as well as worldwide internet radio stations.