HVM NewsYeah, “Loco Crazy” is really good, “Blown Away” is great and I really like “Swing Again.”

We have to start right off with Grind, man. It’s out, it’s a full-length release and it came out a couple months back. So, talk about it’s release and the reception.

Man, it’s really been cool. All the old fans that have been with us all along embraced it and we’re seeing a lot of new faces. We tried to put a little bit of a twist on it, tried to modernize it a little bit and keep up with the times. All the shows have been going good, everyone seems to like it, enjoy it so we’re happy. [Laughs]GRIND

It’s really good, Rick. I hope you guys are proud because that record came out really good.

Yeah, I’m very proud of it. I was real leary about doing it but I jumped in with Justin Rimer, the producer and I didn’t even know if he was going to talk to me. We were considered an 80s band, whatever that is but, we didn’t even consider he would work with us. But, we sat down and talked with him and he put a little modern spin on these recordings and I was really liking what he was doing. We did a little test recording with “Loco Crazy” and it came out great, man. We just jumped in there and did a record and got in touch with Bill (Chavis, HighVolMusic) and we finished it out. We’re happy, I’m very happy, we worked hard on it.

So, talk a little bit about Every Mother’s Nightmare right now. What do you guys have going on right now?

We’re getting ready to do some stuff over seas that we’ve never gotten to do before, we’re pretty pumped about that. We’re getting ready to go down and play in Florida. They do a thing called 80s In The Park and that’s a pretty big show that we’re going to do with a couple of people from back in the day. Just going out on the road, playing and trying to hit as many fairs and anywhere we can play we’re trying to hit it, man. We’re just having fun playing and life is good right now.

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