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‘Sacred Circle’ TV and Movie Placement!

William Mitchem Jr. writer, producer, and director has selected the new track ‘Sacred Circle’ by EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE for an upcoming ‘Paranormal Me’ episode ‘Coming Full Circle’. Slated to begin SACRED CIRCLEproduction in October, ‘Coming Full Circle’ is the first premiere episode of the new show ‘Paranormal Me’ written and directed by William Mitchem Jr. Paranormal Me’ is a Documentary/Reality TV show/Web-Series Investigating Hauntings, Legends, and Sightings in the Heartland of America. The series follows William Mitchem and his team as they travel down the back roads and the byways, trying to discover whether the stories of legend in the Heartland of America, steeped with folklore, Ghost Stories, and Mysterious Creatures, are Fact, Myth, or just another Urban Legend.

‘Sacred Circle’ was also tapped for use in the movie ‘I Don’t Believe In Ghosts’ also written by William Mitchem Jr.

“While reviewing ‘GRIND’ by EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE for the website,  I came across their song ‘Sacred Circle’ and thought; This song is perfect for the first episode of my TV show/web series, as well as a scene in a movie I wrote.” – William Mitchem Jr.

Paranormal Me - Sacred Circle

“William reached out to me about song placement for a television series and a movie he’s involved with. He expressed interest in a couple of our artists for a TV show as well as a movie, one being EMN and the other artist to be announced shortly. This is monumental for us as a company in getting our artist music placed. The recognition, IMDB listing as well as the perks are unlimited. We’re pretty stoked, to say the least, so of course, I said we’re in! It’s also a perfect tie in around the release of ‘GRIND’ in October. Rick and the band have created an awesome record and response and feedback have been phenomenal.”Bill Chavis, HighVolMusic

Both ‘Coming Full Circle’ and ‘I Don’t Believe In Ghosts’ are produced by Cowboy Rockstar Productions.

EMN’s new release ‘GRIND’ is set for release on October 6th. You can purchase the new release through Amazon, iTunes, and HighVolMusic.

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