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ASPHALT VALENTINE drummer Brian Jung has recently signed an endorsement deal with Saluda Cymbals. Brian has been using Saluda since 2003 so when the time came to refresh his gear Brian inquired about an endorsement, Saluda did some fact finding on Brian and then offered him a deal. Suffice to say, Brian’s drum work on the band’s new album ‘Twisted Road’ spoke volumes as well as the video’s from the album and recent activities. Congratulations Brian!!!

A self taught drummer, Brian started playing drums at the age of 5. Brian lists his influences as Peter Criss, Tommy Aldridge, Gil Moore, and Steve Smith. Brian joined ASPHALT VALENTINE in October of 2016. “Joe called me and said he had a proposition for me. I thought he wanted to have AV play some shows with the band I was in at the time. Instead he asked me if I wanted to join AV. I of course accepted” says Brian.

‘Twisted Road’ the new album by AV was released on February 28th, 2020 and is the 3rd release from the band. Brian says;  “Twisted Road takes in every influence from each band member and ties it all up into an awesome record!”

As a new Saluda Cymbal endorsee, Brian’s new setup is:

Saluda Symbolic Series
14″ Hi-Hats
16″ Medium Crash
(2) 18″ Medium Crashes
20″ Crash
21″ Ride
18″ China

“I’ve been using Saluda Cymbals for 17 years now. They are by far one of the best products on the market. Great attack, great tone and awesome to look at!” – Brian Jung

ASPHALT VALENTINE is based in Atlanta, GA and got its start in the early 2000’s. They signed with Chavis Records now HighVolMusic and released their debut Strip Rock Roll in 2008. The band toured the U.S. with Mama Kin from Sweden on the ‘Summer of Sin Tour’. In 2013 the band self released their ‘Into The Red’ E.P. as well as released a video for the track ‘Living Dreams’. In 2015 the band  began working on what is now ‘Twisted Road’ and released a video for the track ‘The Only’. before going on hiatus. ‘The Only’ was originally conceived when the band was approached by author/film maker/adventurist Joey Shonka to write some music for one of his documentary-style films. Shonka, a lifelong friend of vocalist Joe Flynt, specifically wanted something to accompany his latest movie about his years long journey across the entire Andes Mountains range in South America – a journey he did alone. ‘The Only’ conveys the physical and emotional toll of isolation, endless perseverance, and the spiritual connection one must make within themselves to strive onward in one of the most formidable environments on planet Earth. The video contains footage of the recording sessions as well as clips from Shonka’s latest self-shot movie ‘The Shonkadventure’.

Plans for the next video ‘Saving’ are underway.



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