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HighVolMusic is pleased to announce that we are a sponsor of the upcoming New England Rock Fest, Round 3 or N.E.R.F. taking place August 14-15 at Geraldine’s in Chicopee, MA. Two days of rock ‘n roll fun and camaraderie in which HVM recording artist Asphalt Valentine will be taking the stage Friday August 14th.

N.E.R.F. promoter John Kivel made an announcement below regarding our participation in the event.



We said it before, and we will say it AGAIN. New England Rock Fest (AKA N.E.R.F) is a PARTY. We do not pretend to be one of those “BIG” shows. We don’t pretend to be the “BEST” weekend event. We don’t promise to bring back this genre to the mainstream. All we promise to be, is YOUR show. A weekend get away ofNew England Rock Fest fun with like minded people from all over the country (26 states and counting) Like all parties, the more the merrier! So we are happy to announce (long over due -thanks Corona!) that we would like to welcome HighVolMusic onboard as one of our Sponsors. HighVol has been making noise and turning up the Volume for quite a while now with a healthy stable of bands. A welcome addition to the event.

HighVolMusic’s Bill Chavis had this to say; “HighVolMusic is excited to be apart of NERF 2020! Being asked to participate in this event and become part of the camaraderie and unity says everything you need to know about our music scene. We are all striving to do the same things with our artists and labels. An event like this only helps make the genre stronger.”

They are going to be more than a logo on our event page, the HIGH VOL staff will be there to party with the rest of you all in August and help represent! So who knows what HIGH VOL goodies you might find in your VIP BAG.

Now, we have said this before, and we will say it AGAIN. This event is about camaraderie within in the scene. Music shouldn’t be looked at like canned goods with expiration dates, and bands and labels are not here as if it is a competition. The one and only goal is to have fun and enjoy moments like this a little bit longer before we can’t anymore. The pandemic put that into more perspective than ever.
New England Rock Fest wants to help give you a chance to see bands that normally don’t get an opportunity to play in such a live setting with fans coming in from all over the US! From up and coming new bands to fan favorites. See artists that you would find yourself saying, I never thought I would ever see Him! or, Them!! To saying, I fell in love with this new band I never heard of! Well that is what N.E.R.F is about folks.

One of those bands is HighVolMusic Recording Artists , Asphalt Valentine. As they hit the N.E.R.F stage Fri August 14th ! This in your face take no prisoners Rock N Roll outfit out of Georgia will be cranking it up and throwing it down in support of their new High Vol release “Twisted Road” (Now Available!) So pick up the bands new album , and get familiar with them before N.E.R.F. As there may be a test.

Labels that are being represented at N.E.R.F via their bands performing are as follows. RFL Records, HighVolMusic, Frontiers, Kivel Records , Deko Music. Two Days, a bunch of bands, Music, Spirits and ONE BIG PARTY !

Remember, this event is about camaraderie among our peers within the scene. Everyone is welcome. All you need is stamina and desire to cheer others on and have a good time. N.E.R.F ! The Best damn 99 cent Store Party in the North East.

See you all in August for Round 3 !





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