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KUARANTINE, the new KISS cover project featuring AEW Wrestling’s biggest attraction Chris Jericho also of the band FOZZY, HighVolMusic recording artist P.J. Farley (TRIXTER/RA), guitarist Joe McGinness, and drummer Kent Slucher (LUKE BRYAN) released their first song and video No No No via today.

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Due to the power of technology — in this case, Zoom — the band, which has been around for just five weeks, were able to record and create a video in quarantine. In fact, some of the band members have yet to meet in real life. “They just wanted to do it probably for themselves, put it on social media and I was like ‘Fuck no dude, we can make something out of this,’” the singer explains. “Let’s see how far we can go with this.” In a few weeks, KUARANTINE had their first song, covering “No No No” from 1987’s Crazy Nights. – Chris Jericho

“This is how you can form a band in the COVID era,” Jericho jokes. “You have four badasses singing and playing this era of rock n roll from one of the biggest bands in the world that no one ever focuses on this part of their career. It’s cool and organic.” But, now that the first song is in the rear view mirror, KUARANTINE already have their second cover lined up — with a special guest. They enlisted Bruce Kulick, the KISS guitarist before the ’90s reunion, to perform on their next song. Jericho says that he sent “No No No” to Gene Simmons, who in turn passed it along to Kulick.

P.J. Farley is heading back in to the studio next week to finish the remaining songs for ‘Accent The Change’ his first release for HighVolMusic and the follow-up to his debut ‘Boutique Sound Frames’ released in 2016. ‘Accent The Change’ release details will be revealed in coming weeks.

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