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NATIVE SONS, the band featuring Ashton Blake (vocals), Kevin “7” Amici (bass), Adam Amici (drums), and Diego Grimaldo (guitars) is set release their debut ‘The Natives Are Restless’. The new single ‘The Key’ is streaming below. The project was originally recorded with different players, under a different band name but included Ashton Blake on vocals. The project was abruptly put on hold and it was all but shelved. In December of 2019, Ashton contacted the label to see if they would reconsider releasing the album.

Native Sons

Ashton Blake says; “Bill Chavis and I have worked together on different projects throughout the years, but never on a level like Native Sons. This album, ‘The Natives Are Restless’ is important to me, it’s been a spirit quest we went through to get where we are today, its nothing short of a miracle. With all that has happened over the past year we are all excited to bring you this record for the first time. ‘The Key’ has been extreme patience and waiting for all the stars to align for this one moment.”

‘The Natives Are Restless’ is set to release on March 12, 2021 via HighVolMusic.

Native Sons - The Natives Are Restless


Silver Lining
Had Enough Of Me
Here and Now
Master of My Fate
Full Circle
Crazy Enough
One Another
The Key


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