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‘You’d Stick Out’, another great track/video from the debut P.J. Farley (TRIXTER, Ra, 40ft Ringo) solo release, ‘Boutique Sound Frames’ is now streaming on HVMtv! ‘Boutique Sound Frames’ was released in 2016 and is a modern rock classic written and performed by the dynamic singer/songwriter who  spent over a decade writing his first solo project.

“I wrote and recorded these songs over the years alongside any band I was in at the time. I felt that the songs weren’t a good fit for any of those bands at that point. These songs are a lot more personal and I guess I always felt at some point I would release a solo record based on the nature of the lyrics. They all came from a very genuine place creatively speaking. That there was no set goal with them enabled me to just write whatever I was feeling at the time, without having any pressure to conform to any certain mold, genre or label chirping. It took 12 years or so, haha, but a wise man once said, ‘If it’s good enough, it doesn’t matter when it comes out’”. – P.J. Farley

As previously reported, HighVolMusic is bringing the release under the label and issuing the project for further attention. “It makes sense to have everything under one roof for PJ. It is a fantastic release and after much discussion, both PJ and I decided that we should bring it in-house and run with it. With new artwork and some added material, BSF can and will bring attention to the brand new release coming later this summer from PJ called ‘Accent the Change’.” – Bill Chavis

Boutique Sound Frames:
1. Take it Straight
2. You’d Stick Out
3. Things We Hold Onto
4. Ain’t No Good
5. SuckerPunch
6. The Fallen
7. A Place in the Sun
8. Keepin it All Together
9. Vow
10. The AfterGlow
11. What You Do


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