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Gruemonkey Interviews P.J. Farley

P.J. FARLEY recently talked with Gruemonkey about his new project Kuarantine, Trixter and his new solo record. P.J. started his professional career as a musician at the age of 16 as the bass player for Trixter (www.trixterrocks.com). The band signed its first major label record deal with MCA Records in 1989. Trixter went …

Video Premiere Day, Thursday May 28th

We’ve got a 1-2 punch for you this week with two new videos coming from ASPHALT VALENTINE and RON KEEL BAND! Both of our artists are releasing epic new videos from their latest albums.

‘Red White & Blue’ is the first single from the new RON KEEL BAND album ‘South X South……

Pat Calamari Talks With Joe Flynt

WBXO DJ Pat Calamari is a huge fan of the band ASPHALT VALENTINE. Pat raves about the band and compares AV as “today’s Motley Crue”. Pat interviews vocalist Joe Flynt and talks about the new ‘Twisted Road’ release. Listen to the interview below….

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